Everything began …

When I was born 1966 in a beautiful small town in Switzerland. I was the first of five children. My parents were (and are) devout christians and while I was growing up my father felt God’s call to the ministry. My grandparents had started a small spirit filled congregation in their living room together with a few other families, that were kicked out of a bretheren church, because they received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and started to speak in tongues. The hunger for more of God was instilled in my family and it was – sometimes unconscious or not – the atmosphere I was growing up.

When I was about seven years old, my father left his job and started to pastor the young church and I became a pastors son. Growing up in church all my life has undoubtedly shaped everything about me. I am deeply grateful for the spiritual foundation my parents gave me. Even in my teenage years, when I began to go my own ways and was not attending church anymore, I would never be able to deny the existence of God – I have witnessed too many miracles and divine interventions even in my early childhood.

Jesus is coming coon …

… are you ready? This was sort of the “battle cry” of evangelism in the church life of my childhood. Growing up in the late seventies and eighties, i witnessed the rapture craze of that time in my own experience. Some of my encounters and experiences were quite frightening, especially when my parents would not come home late after the prayer meeting. Did the rapture happen? Was I left behind?

As mentioned before, I was leaving active participation of church life in my teenage years for a period of time. However, I always knew, that God exists. So taking my life in my own hands was somehow a balancing act, knowing I have to submit my life to God and at the same time not wanting to get back to the non pleasant elements of pentecostal piety.

Everything began again …

when I had a lifechanging, supernatural experience with God, when I was 19 years old. Little did I know, that attending a skiing-weekend in the beautiful swiss mountains with the youth group of my church would revolutionize my life. I was only there because I loved skiing so much. Up to this day, I don’t know, why I was participating in the evening devotion. Singing religious songs and hearing a bible lesson, was not high up on my priority list those days. I guess God has his ways to get us.

I have no memory of what was going on in that meeting, except that one moment, that would change everything forever. While sitting on my chair, suddenly I heard a voice speaking to me loud and clear. It was so clear, that I almost turned around to see, who was speaking to me: “You know, you can run away from me another 19 years, but I will still always love you, go after you and try to draw you close to my heart!” Immediately I knew, this was God speaking to me.

But those were not only words. In that moment, I could feel the very love of God, like it was poured all over me. I literally broke down in tears. All my life I heard so much about God, but now, I was hearing from God. And what I was hearing was melting all my resistance, rebellion and bitterness in a few seconds. “God, if you are like this, I give you my life right now completely!”. From that moment on, my only goal in life was, to serve this wonderful loving God and life my life for him.

On the road with a message …

After attending a bible school and getting my education in theology, I pastor a church together with my wonderful wife Claudia for almost 30 years now. We are also in leadership of a network of churches in Germany, facilitating the Good News of the finished work of Christ in our country. The very center of all the goodness, grace and love, the whole world is receiving, is the exchange that happened at the cross, when the living word of God, Jesus Christ was dying in our place. But soon I started to understand, that not only did he save us as individuals. The cross has the power to redeem and recreate the whole creation.

From this time on, “Risaing Glory” is the deep longing in my heart. Divine encounters and revelations shaped a desire for more. This world needs to see the real image of God, and it can be healed again. Restoration back to the original purpose and shape of creation is at the core of God’s desire, and I made it mine.

I dedicated my ministry to the Lord to share insights, produce online courses and media and travel, to teach the body of Christ from a long journey on a path of knowing and understanding God in a deeper way.

This World has a bright future! Live your live fearlessly and hopeful.

Offers & Services

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I love to spread the good news! And I would count it a privilege to come and minister in your church, house church, homegroup or any other meeting.

If you are interested, please contact me on the contact form below.

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Contact Me

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