Biblical last days

6. September 2021|0 Comments

Let’s return to the Bible to define the “last days” or “end times.” There are 19 primary texts about the last days, end times (or end of the age) in the New Testament. Taken [...]

Is Earth just a Way Station to Heaven?

25. January 2021|0 Comments

Most Christians have a limited view of what constitutes a biblical worldview. I suspect that many believe that the Christian’s earthly life is a holding pattern for heaven. Earth serves as a way station [...]

Newspaper Exegesis, the Antichrist, and Perpetual Prophecy Fear

22. July 2020|0 Comments

What is newspaper exegesis? The practice of interpreting the Bible though the lens of current events found in the headlines of newspapers rather than allowing the Bible to interpret itself and failing to take into account when prophetic events were to take place and to whom. It’s a form of retroactive prophetic explanation where current events are used as an interpretive grid for understanding the Bible. For example, in The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel, prophecy writer Mark Hitchcock claims that “Ezekiel is God’s war correspondent for today’s newspapers. We have gone through his inspired prophecy in Ezekiel 38–39, with our Bibles in one hand and today’s newspaper in the other.” [1]